Our Core Values

Do the Right Thing

We value employees, clients, and strategic partners who do the right thing in business and in their daily life.  We live in a world where we all make mistakes; we are all human.  Doing what is right is different; it’s not perfection.  Doing the right thing is being ethically sound; its your best judgment for the good of all parties involved even when nobody is watching.


We value employees, clients, and strategic partners who are proactive and take initiative.  A team works best when all members are engaged and focused on a common goal.  When the team is focused, we can utilize everyone’s strengths and compound our efforts.  We are proactive, not reactive, to situations- always looking forward to the possibilities and opportunities.


We value employees, clients, and strategic partners who are committed. It’s essential to work toward one common goal.  We are serious about what we are in business to accomplish as a leader in the financial planning industry.  It all starts with doing what we say and saying what we do.  There is no fluff or empty promises here.  We are all accountable and we need to be able to trust each other to stay focused on the end goal: To help everyone involved achieve their hopes and dreams.


We value employees, clients, and strategic partners who are collaborative in nature.  Everyone on the team is important and here for a reason.  Each person has unique qualities and perspectives and we need all members to put forth their best efforts.  Every relationship is valuable on our team and we can’t operate to our full potential without everyone involved. We have each other’s back in the exciting moments and the challenging times.  We are as strong as our weakest link.  If you are working with or for Reis Financial Services LLC, know that you are valuable and that you not only have us but our collaborative team!


We value employees, clients, and strategic partners who are accommodating.  Being accommodating does not mean routinely bending procedures or avoiding structure.  However, we are fully aware that life doesn’t always fit into a box of manuals and step-by-step processes.  As a small company, we have the ability to be flexible in certain situations.  It allows us to give better service to our clients and have more loyal employees.  We understand the need to be less rigid and more agile in business.  We do everything we can to think outside the box and overcome obstacles standing in front of our audacious goals.