Our Lifetime Freedom Process

As you plan for or enjoy your retirement, it can become increasingly difficult to take good care of yourself and your family. Investments, insurance, taxes, business, estate, and legacy matters are some of the many issues you will have to deal with as you plan your future. These issues often link together in ways you do not even realize.


To deal with these complex issues, Reis Financial Services employs a unique five-step process that we call The Lifetime Freedom Process. Our independent advisors use this process to synchronize a complete range of wealth management services. Together, they give you both a big-picture plan and the niche expertise necessary to make each component happen when it needs to.


Our five-step process will help you plan for the road ahead:


Step 1: The Connection Conversation

Let’s take some time to meet and get acquainted. We want to understand what is important to you and hear about your personal goals. You will also have an opportunity to get to know the Reis Financial Services team and the roles each of us play in helping you achieve your financial freedom. Together, we will build the foundation of a comfortable and trusted relationship.


Step 2: The Dream Discovery

Next, we will take an in-depth look at your unique situation and learn about your investments, insurance, estate considerations, retirement needs, and more. You can feel comfortable knowing that Reis Financial Services will uncover your dreams—both for today and for the future.


Step 3: The Freedom Foundation

Following a careful analysis of your profile, Reis Financial Services will put together a team of specialists to help you achieve your freedom goals. Each assigned professional, working in collaboration with the others, will develop a framework of recommendations designed to help you achieve the lifestyle you want. The result is a coordinated strategy that is built on layers of specialized niche experience.


Step 4: The Integrated Implementation

When you are ready, we will implement your personalized strategy, handling all of the steps—big and small—along the way. Each task will integrate seamlessly into the overall plan we have designed for you for a smooth and efficient experience.


Step 5: The Accountability Assessment

To ensure you stay on track, Reis Financial Services will consistently monitor all of your financial activities and make adjustments as needed. Once or twice a year, you are invited to sit down with us and review your progress. If your circumstances change, or you want to meet more frequently, we are always here for you.